Region Referral Program


Would you like to earn some ca$h by referring your friends to TanGLe Grid?

How it works:
1. Invite Your Friends To Join TanGLe Grid.
2. For each of your friends that buy a region for $15.00 US (6,000 Tbucks) per month, (20,000 prims - Name your region - GRANDFATHERED IN), you get $1.00 US, in tbucks (400 tbucks), to your account.
3. As long as they are renting that region you get the $1.00 US to your account (400 tbucks) per region rented.
4. EXAMPLE: 10 of your friends buy one region each, that is $10.00 US - 4,000 tbucks on your account. So on and so.
5. We will credit your account each time they pay for their regions.
6. 1 referral per region. The one that is being referred MUST say who referred them. (Avie Name)

NOTE: Larger Region like VARs we will credit you $1.00 US (400 tbucks) per 256x256 region size (example: VAR that is 4 regions large would give you $4.00 US to your account in tbucks 1,600 tbucks.)
We will be adding sailable water around each region. So travel is possible between regions.
You can even create a colony if you like. All together in one area.

For more information contact Leslie Kling -