Land Rental & Land Hosting

( Prices Subject to Change Without Notice)

Grandfather region Buy by Prim Scenic Region

Full Estate Rights
You Name The Region
Unsailable Waters or Attached to Regular Region

30 days Tiers Rental per month

** Example **
You want a 5,000 Prim Region
Pay ONLY $5.00 US
Pay Only For What You Need.

30 days Tiers Rental per month

Full Estate Rights
You Name The Region
Attached to Regular Region

30 days Tiers Rental per month

VAR Region extra prims oars

Full Estate Rights
You Name The VAR
Unsailable Waters

NO BORDER CROSSINGS to deal with. You can also have prefab OARS dropped on your VAR.

30 days Tiers Rental per month

If you would like more prims? We have a few plans to up your prims on your Region or VAR. These are just a few.
5,000 ($T 2000) $ 5.00 US
10,000 ($T 4,000) $ 10.00 US
15,000 ($T 6000) $ 15.00 US

You can buy higher prim plans. MUST buy them in bundles of 1,000 prims

We have around 25 prefab OARS for you to pick from.

You have ownership of all items
on region. You CAN NOT sell the items
You can copy/mod or delete or change.
MUST have a Region that can support the OARs prims. The items will be in your name when they are placed on the region.

How To westworld

Go to Section of region you want to buy

(At TSC Inworld)
Click on Notecard giver to get application for region.
Fill in notecard and return it to Leslie Kling inworld.
Once region is paid (with Tbucks)
Your region will be up within 24 hours.
All rentals to be paid at the
TSC (TanGLe Service Center)

We can host your region on WestWorld Grid

Our Servers runs 24/7 so no down time.
You can go to your regions anytime you like.

We do other grids as well like:
OsGrid - Metropolis
Any Grid that allows you to hook up your own regions to them.

The price you see is for a SINGLE REGION HOSTING.