Events Calendar


Activity Locations:

  • Kronos
    Klingon City (4 Region Variable)
  • Kling Kingdom:
    Ancient England Medievil Region (4 Region Variable)
  • Brunel Isle of Steam:
    An attraction for Steam Punk enthusiasts
  • EXPO Isle:
    A place for all our Expositions
  • UFS Genisis Colony:
    This is a 16 Region Variable dedicated to all things Trekky. If you like Role Playing this may be the place for you.
  • Finland Regions:
    A place for Ancient Finland Role playing
  • Haunted Isle:
    Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid
  • Hans Ski Resort:
    Winter sports and lodge to lounge in.
  • Hidden Glenn:
    Fairys and Furrys Special Region. Everyone Welcome to visit this mystical place.
  • TanGLe Estates 1:
    TanGLe Media Park, Blogs "R" Us, Public Library
  • Location for FREEBIES
  • TanGLe Town:
    Shops 1 Tbuck per 30 day month prim limits 200
  • TanGLe Feebie Village:
    Free everything to get you started, also houses our Teleport Hub
  • TanGLe Welcome Center:
    More free goods for your avatar.

  • There are more attractions coming up so keep watching this page and our
    facebook page for announcements.